Ch. Yakee You Do Something For Me


Pedigree of: Ch. Yakee You Do Something For Me "Romeo"
Breeder: Albert Easdon & Philip Martin
Dog DOB: December 30, 2006

Ch. Yakee And Don't Forget It

Ch. Livanda Santana

Ch. Livanda Micklee Ginola
Ch. Livanda Micklee Mataho
Stsanja I Believe In Livanda

Livanda Fatal Attraction
Ch. Livanda Micklee Mataho
Livanda Geanco Ava

Ch. Yakee Forget-Me-Not

Ch. Pekehuis Pure Gold Of Tenling
Ch. Tenling Golden Arrow Of Pekehuis
Pemyn Golden Girl

Yakee Charlotte
Yakee Lasting Impression
Yakee Jezebel

Ch. Yakee Juliette

Ch & Am Ch Yakee Leaving Me Breathless

Yakee Lasting Impression
Tirakau Dream's Legacy
Tirakau Tailormaid

Ch. Yakee Good Vibrations
Ch. Yakee For Your Eyes Only
Ch. Yakee The Hoi Polloi

Yakee Sparkling Diamond

Yakee Mission Impossible
Yakee Take A Chance On Me
Yakee The One

Yakee Diamonds Forever
Ch. Shihgo Idle Mischief
Ch. Yakee Good Vibrations