Ch. Yakee Come On Irene

Pedigree of: Ch Yakee Come On Irene "Irene"
Breeder: Albert Easdon & Philip Martin






Ch. Palacegarden Finnigan At Delwin

Delwin's Touch Of Blarney

Ch. Delwin's Paddy O'Reilly
Ch. Chinaplace Let's Do It
Delwin's Ultimate Dream

Delwin's Miss Mystic
Pendenrah Mystique of Jamoore
Shawmars Burning Desire For Delwin

Palacegarden Idle Fancy

Ch. Shihgo Idle Gossip
Ch. Tomdor Randolph Of Singlewell
Shihgo Silver Gem

Palacegarden Isadora
Guzmac All My Desire
Palacegarden Sha-Lut




Ch. Yakee Follow This


Ch. Livanda Micklee Ginola

Ch. Livanda Micklee Mataho
Ch. Livanda Ragants Jo-Dee of Micklee
Stsanja Tenderly Love Livanda

Stsanja I Believe At Livanda
Pendenrah Simon Jo
Stsanja Think Twice at Trendylook


Yakee Charlotte

Yakee Lasting Impression
Tirakau Jason's Legacy
Ch. Yakee Good Vibrations

Yakee Jezebel
Ch. Stsanja Grand Finale At Yakee
Yakee Come And Get Me